About us

It started as a way for us to organize where our teams could meet in a smarter and more productive way. Avoiding having to waste valuable time in traffic to get to the City. Rental costs skyrocketing and no-one particularly interested in getting into Office if there was nothing special happening.

Empty seats in open spaces become the norm. This made us reflect upon the Future Way of Working. Lots of signs points towards a future that is distributed and a global workforce that collaborate digitally. A future with obvious advantages but also a series of challenges that need to be dealt with.

What if we could arrange a platform with local friendly workspaces where it was fun and more convenient to get things done. A market with various Co-Working players seemed to take off especially for start-ups and freelancers, but what really got us going was the obvious need for Enterprises to manage the complexity of a distributed workforce.

The real challenge appeared to be integration into all other systems already in place within HR, Finance and Facility Management.

We got to work on a platform that could work seamless with other systems used by Property Owners, Hotels and Coworking. Flowpass is now already a trusted platform to manage the third workplace.

We provide large companies with a solution to offer more flexibility in where people work. Our model results in significantly reduced facility costs and possibilities to increase employer satisfaction and strengthen the Corporate Brand.