The third workplace and why it is important

November 28, 2022
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We are naturally obsessed over finding articles and data that supports the notion of a "third office" or more commonly named #thirdplace. Why is it important?

First of all, what do we mean with a third office? It's not your home and it's not the current office. It's a hub, a coworking space, a business club.

Our issue is that the debate about where we should work from are to single handedly focusing on working from home or being mildy forced (or asked) to come to the office.

There are already so much discussions going on in US and UK about the possibility to get the advantages of working from either, in a third space. Having somewhere to go, which is close to where you live, where you meet other interesting people to socialise with and that offer all the services you need from a professional stand-point to create good value.

Why wouldn't most employers embrace this opportunity and start offering flexibility and give their coworkers a better work/life balance. What could possibly slow down this transition?

a) tradition, conservatism and inertia - over time at least over 30% of the workplace we use will be called flexible offices. We choose to call it #hybridworkplace. Most managers still believe in control rather than empowerment.
b) most large organisations are locked into long-term rental agreements. When it's time for renegotiation and upgrading the office situation, this will be an important element to both reduce (often unnecessary) cost and add the flexibility that a majority of the workforce is craving
c) in Europe the supply of great #sharedofficespace and #coworkingspace have yet to impress us. That is outside the large metropolis of Europe.
d) current management teams are still not forced, either by state or owners, to involve #sustainability as a factor when addressing their office situation. Billions (€) go to waste every month in unnecessary energy usage to keep totally empty areas open for business.

Did we miss something. Do you as a reader believe that something else is slowing down the process of offering everybody a better #futureworkplace?

Obvious advantages with incorporating a third office solution:

🥕 significantly lower costs if done right
⚖ better work/life balance, hence lower turn-over of staff
👩‍💻 improved talent attraction
🛠 great technical support to manage it all
🌏 possibility to find top talent everywhere and become more global, diversified, inclusive while hiring people anywhere

We help you sort this out...if you let us 😅


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