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What is Flowpass?
Flowpass offers a premium platform to help companies with remote- and hybrid teams to find and manage their workspaces across Europe.

What do I get by booking through Flowpass?
You will get an easy way to identify a workspace that suits your demands on a professional environment and other needs you may have. You will also see that it’s easier geographically with an overview of the best local places available. Images and information made available by the coworking partner make your decision process go super smooth. Better yet, our partners already know our members high demands on a well-functioning workplace and live by the code to make your workday a pleasure.

Why should I have a Flowpass?
Great selection of the best workspaces, zero admin, your employer take care of the monthly invoice. You just need to focus on doing a great job - as always. Big bonus would be that coworking is a great way to increase contacts with other professionals that could be beneficial in many ways.


How do I get access to all opportunities?
Flowpass is a member based platform, currently free-of-charge. Click the button “Join Flowpass” to get an invitation to become member or sneak method, mail to

How do I create an account?
When you get the invite, you will create your account by letting us know your user name. The password will be only your secret. But relax, if you forget it there is a link to create a new one directed to the email you give us initially.
Thereafter you will become member and thus receive a second email describing how you go about finding and booking a workplace. Disclosure: if you are becoming an individual member (opposed to have a Company Account) you need to give us the details of a valid credit card to be able to book resources. We also need a profile image so that you can be identified when you do check-in for the day.


Finding the right space to work from
When you are logged in you will get to see all spaces you are entitled to access.

Paying for a workplace or meeting room
Normally there is an employer or similar that will receive a monthly invoice with all activities performed by the team members. Are you accessing Flowpass as an individual the credit card on file will be debited for each booking and you will receive a receipt through email.

When will I be debited for a particular booking?
As a collective invoice in the end of the month When you book a day-pass, meeting room or other resource we will block the amount on the credit card we have in the system.

How much or long can I work at a particular workspace?
Every workspace operator set their own rules of usage, time of entry/exit. This information should be displayed on their profile page or sent in advance by email. If you request specific information and do not receive proper response please let us know:

Is there a page where I can find my bookings and receipts?
Under “My Account” you will find all your bookings, both current and the past ones.Rules and Issues

Can I invite others?
Yes of course, we love when our members self-organise. Just make sure that we know about them hence sending an invite in beforehand. A sneakier way would be to book a meeting room and let them in as your guest.

How can I cancel a booking without being debited - booking rules?
Go to your page (My Account) and when there you find the relevant booking. Choose “Cancel”. We have a 12 hour rule. If you cancel your booking in time the block of the amount on your credit card will be released or if you are a part of a Company Account, your employer will not be charged.

What should I do if I have been wrongly debited?
We are kind people, and will try 100% to set the record straight. Please reach out to